About Me

So…. i guess I’m starting a blog (finally!). So let me introduce myself first.

My name is Ivana but call me Ivy. I’m 17 and I live in Salzburg, Austria (not Australia). My nationality is Croatian since my parents are from there but I was born and raised in Austria and I feel like an austrian tbh.
Currently I’m attending my 11. year of school and I cant wait to finish to be honest.
I speak german and croatian fluently, I have been learning english since 4th grade and french since two years. This year I also started to lern spanish and I love it.

With this blog i would like to share my travels, my fitness and current fashion – maybe even some foodporn.

So if you wanna follow me on my future adventures and what else life has in stores for me I would love for you to join me.!!

I hope I can give you some good contant and I’m always happy for positiv critic to make this blog better.